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19 January (Stardate 62021.4) 
Lenerea Mendel is born on Trill.[1]
15 February (Stardate 62089.7) 
Jason Fredricks is born in Winchester, Nevada, Earth to Thomas and Maria Fredricks.[2]
6 April (ca. Stardate 62214) 
Tala Jones is born in Laikan, Andoria.[3]
20 June 
Jhael Onika is born on Sauria.[1]
31 July (Stardate 62506.1) 
Dylyp Azeli is born on Andoria.[1]
24 August 
Charlie Morgan is born on Earth.[1]
Unspecified dates 
Daniel Harvey is born on Earth.[1]
Elisa Flores is born on Earth.[1]
Hannah Freeman is born on Earth.[1]
Raltha Trebor is born on Cait.[1]
Jeff Philips is born on Earth.[1]
Vance L'eher is born on Earth.[1]

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