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28 January (Stardate 83164.0 - 83165.2) 
The IKS Chot sets a trap for the USS Leviathan, disguising itself as a freighter in distress. During the skirmish, the Leviathan's captain, Masc Taggart, is taken hostage by the Klingons.
Koja Nara, Travis Murray and Henry Fuller are killed during a Klingon attack on the USS Leviathan. Masc Taggart is captured by the Klingons and is listed as MIA.[1]
The Borg invade the Vega colony, but are repelled by the Federation's fleet. Ensign Jason Fredricks is given a field promotion to lieutenant and made permanent commander of the USS Leviathan.
Rhet Dioni, Crista Vlædos, Gregory Yates, Mars Lionel and Marvolo Piers are killed during the Borg attack on Vega.[2]

February Edit

7 February 
An Undine agent is exposed by the crew of the USS Leviathan at P'Jem.[3]
26 February 
A peace conference between the Federation and Klingon Empire on Regulus IV is thwarted by a Klingon admiral and his crew.
Don Leffler is murdered by fellow crewmate Thom Lædon, who is then shot and killed by Jason Fredricks.[4]

March Edit

1 March 
Lieutenant Jason Fredricks resigns from Starfleet after leading a series of failed missions. The Leviathan's chief engineer is killed while preventing a warp core breach.[5]
Deaths – Ensigns John Palmer, Liza Fré and Rhez Keaeling are killed on an away mission. Jhael Onika is killed while saving the USS Leviathan from destruction.[5]
8 March 
Starfleet Commander Jarek Davis is found to be a Romulan working for the Tal Shiar. After failing to obtain information from a Klingon defector, he is arrested.
Qaris, the owner of Treasure Trading Station, is murdered by Commander Jarek Davis.[6]

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