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Entries made for the captain's log on the USS Leviathan in 2409.

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Mission to Vega colony Edit

"Acting captain's log, stardate 83165.2, Ensign Jason Fredricks reporting. The crew of the Klingon vessel IKS Chot has captured Captain Taggart, and regrettably, I am forced to report him as MIA. Commander Fuller has died of wounds inflicted by the Klingons, and I, being the highest surviving senior officer, have assumed command. Repairs are still underway after the Klingons' attack, and we are accompanying the USS Renown to the Pollux system to assist the USS Khitomer."[3][a]

Assisting the SS Azura Edit

"Captain's log, stardate 83179.9. Since the Borg attack on Vega nearly a week ago, we've had to make do without several key personnel. We are en route to Starbase 24 to pick up supplies and several new duty officers. I've been assured by Admiral Quinn that they are the best officers Starfleet can spare."[4][b]

Mission to P'Jem Edit

"Captain's log, stardate 83189.1. We have received Vulcan Ambassador Sokketh and are headed back to the Leviathan, where we will then take the ambassador to P'Jem – an ancient Vulcan monastery. So far, there have been no signs of Klingon interference in the matter, but I wouldn't put it past them to attempt an attack even this far into Federation space."
"Captain's log, supplemental. We have arrived at P'Jem, and after a brief confrontation with the Klingons, are headed to the Vulcan monastery to meet the abbot. While what the Klingon captain said about Ambassador Sokketh troubles me, he has given me no reason to mistrust him... yet."[5]

Mission to Lackey system Edit

"Captain's log, stardate 83195.9. Captain Marz recently informed me of an illegal Gorn mining operation in the Paulson Nebula, and after visiting the decalithium refinery at Lackey III, our suspicions have been confirmed. The only remaining question is why have the Gorn come this far into Federation space, simply to gain a small surplus of dilithium?"[6]

Mission to Bomari system Edit

"Captain's log, stardate 83208.6. We have rendezvoused with the SS Rome and taken aboard a most interesting passenger – none other than Mr. Wells' uncle. From what I already know about his family, this is not a day I will soon forget."
"Captain's log, supplemental. We are approaching the Bomari system, and are unsure of what we may find there. Another Klingon base hidden well within our borders? Perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that Lucas' uncle, Remus, has been found to be relaying messages to the Klingon Empire, and possibly even selling them our weaponry. Regrettably, I see no alternative but to confine him to the brig."[7]

Mission to Kassae system Edit

"Captain's log, stardate 83224.1. We have rescued the hostages from the Gorn ship and are returning to Earth Spacedock, awaiting new orders. On a personal note, I have decided to cancel my request to Admiral Quinn about finding a replacement for Miss Mendel."[8]

Mission to Regulus IV Edit

"Captain's log, stardate 83236.3. We are headed for the Regulus system to mediate peace talks between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. I'm hopeful that the outcome of the conference will convince others on both sides to follow suit, and perhaps form a lasting treaty."[9]

Mission to Celes system Edit

"Captain's log, stardate 83245.3, Commander Davis reporting. I have taken command of the Leviathan, and we are now proceeding to the Celes Nebula on Admiral Quinn's orders."[1]

Mission to Argelius station Edit

"Captain's log, stardate 83262.2, Commander Davis reporting. We recently lost our chief engineer in a battle with the Nausicaans, and I am tasked with selecting a new one."[2]

Mission to Briar Patch Edit

"Captain's log, stardate 83274.6. We have been ordered to the Briar Patch by Admiral Quinn. The situation there is unclear, but according to the word of an Orion defector, we will find hidden weapons there. Weapons which, if used, could spell disastrous results for both sides."[10]

Mission to Task Force Hippocrates Edit

"Captain's log, stardate 83290.3. Our orders are to assist any vessels of Task Force Hippocrates that are in need. On a side note, I'm still reluctant to return to the front lines after what's already happened to us out here."[11]

Mission to Donatu system Edit

"Captain's log, stardate 83446.1. We have embarked on a dangerous mission to the frontlines. Strange activity has been observed along the Federation-Klingon border by our intelligence agencies, and we've been sent to look into it. I just hope we realize what we're getting ourselves into."[12]

Halting the Devidians Edit

"Captain's log, stardate 83468.7. Under orders, we are headed to Bepi 113, a star system evidently kept under wraps by Section 31, along with the IKS SuvwI', a vessel commanded by a most interesting and mysterious Klingon officer. Our mission is to perform a slingshot around the system's star and, with luck, return to the 23rd century to prevent the Devidians from altering history."[13]

Singh incident Edit

"Captain's log, stardate 83626.4. We've received two esteemed guests aboard the Leviathan today. Subcommanders Kaol and Mivek of the newly-formed Romulan Republic have paid us a visit, and I've had the chef prepare the finest Romulan cuisine the ship can offer."[14]

Stopping the planet killer Edit

"Captain's log, stardate 83685.3. We have entered the Donia system, where we hope to make contact with one of B'vat's personal soldiers. The crew is on edge, myself included. Every time we venture this close to Klingon territory, it brings back bad memories..."
"'Captain's log, supplemental. We are nearing the Imaga system. I have no idea what we will find there, but I imagine it will not be a pleasing sight. I've been made aware that tensions have risen among the crew; unfortunately, this was going to happen whether I told them the truth or not. I only hope they can continue to trust in me as their captain, regardless of the outcome."[15]

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  1. The original version of the log was "Acting captain's log, stardate 83165.2. The Klingons have captured Captain Taggart, and regrettably, I am forced to report him as M.I.A. Commander Fuller has died of wounds inflicted by the Klingons, and I, being the next-highest ranking officer, have assumed command. Repairs are still underway after the Klingons' attack, and we are accompanying the USS Renown to the Pollux system to assist the USS Khitomer."
  2. The original version of the log was "Captain's log, stardate 83179.9. We are en route to Starbase 24 to pick up supplies and personnel for our endeavors. The war with the Klingons continues to drag on, and at this point, I'm unsure that either side will come out victorious."

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