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Charles Francis Morgan V[2] was a male Human Starfleet officer who served in multiple fashions aboard the USS Leviathan, most notably as its operations officer and transporter chief.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Charles Morgan V was born on 24 August 2386 in Greenwich, England, Earth to Francis Morgan.[1]

Starfleet Academy Edit

He graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2408, though he was absent from the graduation ceremony.[a][1]

Service on the USS Leviathan Edit

Charlie was assigned to the USS Leviathan in 2409 as a junior officer.[1] On stardate 83164.0, the Leviathan was attacked by the Klingon vessel IKS Chot. After Koja Nara, the operations officer, was killed at her station during the attack, Charlie took her place.[3]

When Dylyp Azeli was assigned to the Leviathan as the new ops officer, he inherited the position of transporter chief.[4]

On stardate 83832.9, Charlie transported Jason Fredricks' away team down to Nimbus III, just outside Paradise City. He later beamed emergency supplies, rations, and security teams to Paradise City on Jason's orders as a gesture of good will.[5]

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Background and trivia Edit

  • Charlie did not have a first name in the original draft of "Khitomer Crisis". He was added to the chapter as simply an extra member of Jason Fredricks' away team to the USS Khitomer. CaptFredricks liked him enough to keep him as a recurring character and again included him in "Stranded in Space".
  • Charlie was originally meant to be from West Virginia, but CaptFredricks decided to make him British instead.

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Notes and references Edit

  1. It is possible that Charlie was in fact present at the ceremony, and his name was called behind Jason Fredricks and Lucas Wells' dialog.

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