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Name's Daniel Harvey, by the way, but people call me Buck.
Why do they call you that?
Because if you try anything stupid, I'll break your face. Got it, cadet?
Daniel Harvey and Jason Fredricks
2408 ("The Price of Liberty")

Daniel Aengus Harvey, also known as Buck, was a Human Starfleet officer assigned to the USS Khitomer. He was considered a bully of sorts at Starfleet Academy.

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Daniel was known for being a bit of a bully during his years at the Academy. Despite this, he was still allowed to graduate along with his fellow classmates.[1] He once harassed Sofia Wenner but was put in his place by Elisa Flores.[2]

Daniel attended the Class of 2408 graduation ceremony on stardate 82513.9. The following day, he and Jason Fredricks nearly got into a bar fight before heading off to their respective assignments. Daniel was assigned to the USS Khitomer, and Jason to the USS Leviathan.[1]

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