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Captain, Starfleet regulations clearly state that a commanding officer shall not lead an away mission into a presumably dangerous situation. In the event that something were to happen to him—
Dylyp... I know the regulations.
But yet you choose to disobey them? Most... illogical.
Dylyp Azeli and Jason Fredricks
2409 ("Researcher Rescue")

Dylyp Azeli was an Andorian Starfleet officer active who served as operations officer on the USS Leviathan. He held a deep respect for the Prime Directive, and took his duty to Starfleet very seriously. On several occasions, he was referred to as a "Vulcan" by Lucas Wells (and others), because of his strong reliance on logic and lack of emotion.[a]

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Dylyp Azeli (serial number AP-339-624 B)[1] was born on stardate 62506.1 in Harbortown, Andoria to Thoros and Nessha Azeli.[citation needed]

Starfleet Academy Edit

Dylyp graduated in 2408, and subsequently attended the after-party at the Academy's shuttlebay bar. He attempted to diffuse an argument between fellow cadets Jason Fredricks and Daniel Harvey, but was unsuccessful.[2]

Early Starfleet career Edit

Azeli was assigned to the USS Montreal, where he held an unspecified position for roughly eight months, until being reassigned to the USS Leviathan.

Service on the USS Leviathan Edit

In 2409, he was assigned to the USS Leviathan as the ship's new operations officer, replacing Charlie Morgan, who became the transporter chief. Azeli accompanied an away team to a Starfleet research station and later Kassae IV to free hostages from the Gorn.[3]

Azeli remained aboard the Leviathan during Commander Jarek Davis' short tenure as captain, Davis taking over for Fredricks, who had resigned. Azeli quickly developed a distaste for Davis' unorthodox method of running the ship, considering him to be reckless. He joined the rest of the senior staff in planning to relieve Davis of command, but Davis learned of their plan and locked all senior staff who would not pledge their loyalty to him in the brig. He assisted in retaking the ship from Jules Vanden, who had been left in command by Davis.[4][5]

Following Phil Schrader's tragic suicide, Azeli appointed Hannah Freeman, Will Darrow and Leo Anderson as the temporary co-chief engineers, to be replaced by Th'vol Olethla two days later. Later, Azeli was forced to take command of the Leviathan when it fell under attack by B'vat's flagship, the IKS Worvig. Captain Fredricks had frozen in fear, remembering how B'vat had outsmarted him several times previous, Tala Jones was stuck on the planet below, and Lucas Wells was not ready or willing to step in as commander, leaving Azeli the next-in-line for command. B'vat spared the Leviathan, informing Azeli that he would have "a little surprise waiting for [them]" the next time they encountered one another.

Two days later, Azeli escorted Lieutenant j.g. Olethla to Fredricks' quarters, so he could meet their captain. Olethla's eagerness and promise to help ship's morale surprised and impressed Fredricks, and he welcomed Olethla aboard. Azeli and Olethla turned to leave, but Fredricks asked Azeli to stay for a moment longer. He apologized, realizing he had been wrong in his outburst towards Azeli on the bridge two days earlier. Azeli agreed, simply saying, "Welcome back, sir."[6]

Personality and appearance Edit

Dylyp stood at 188 cm and had a lean build of 79 kg.[citation needed]

Personal life and skills Edit

Dylyp was very devoted to logic and subduing of emotions, something he had learned from his grandfather. He followed Starfleet regulations rigidly, and was often stern toward those who did not do the same.[citation needed]

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Relationships Edit

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Jason Fredricks Edit

Dylyp met Jason Fredricks during their first year at Starfleet Academy. They remained friends through the rest of their years at the Academy, but lost contact after graduating.

In 2409, they were reunited when Dylyp was assigned to the USS Leviathan under Jason's command. A man of principle, Dylyp usually referred to Jason as "captain" or "sir," even though Jason told him he could call him by his first name. He also objected to Jason going on a dangerous away mission to Kassae IV.[3]

Tala Jones Edit

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Notes and references Edit

  1. A running gag through the story is the fact that Dylyp acts much more like a Vulcan than an Andorian. Many characters reference this throughout the story.

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