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Elisa Flores was a female Human Starfleet officer who served aboard the USS Leviathan as a tactical officer. She was briefly sent to the New Zealand Penal Settlement after assisting Romulan agent Jarek Davis in taking over the Leviathan in 2409.

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She graduated from Starfleet Academy with the Class of 2408 on stardate 82513.9.[1]

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By 2409, she had been assigned to the USS Leviathan as a junior tactical officer. When Jarek Davis put the senior staff in the brig because of suspected mutiny, she was one of several officers that complied with his authority, though later to her discontent.[2][3]

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  • Elisa originally did not appear in "Stop the Signal". Thus, even though "The Price of Liberty" was published later, "Stop the Signal" was revised after "The Price of Liberty" was published.

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