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The Gorn were a reptilian species native to the planet Gornar, in the Beta Quadrant.[citation needed]

Physiology Edit

The Gorn were a cold-blooded reptilian species with green, leathery skin, red blood, and an average height of 2 to 2½ meters. They were typically much stronger than most humanoid species. Intelligence wise, Gorn were typically as smart as the average Human.

They had very simple ears, nothing more than small holes on the sides of their skulls, with their mouths boasting an array of very sharp teeth and having quite dangerous claws on their hands and feet. Mirror Phlox joked that the Gorn were comparable to the extinct earth dinosaur, the velociraptor, based on one Gorn's size.[1] Some Gorn had silvery, faceted eyes quite like the compound eyes of insects, while others had typical humanoid eyes.

The Gorn also possessed impressive durability and were able to take a great amount of punishment. During the skirmish between Captains James T. Kirk and S'slee, Kirk hurled a rather large boulder at his opponent, but it simply bounced off S'slee's skin. Kirk also caused a giant boulder to roll down a mountainside and hit S'slee. Though this temporarily stunned him, he was not injured. Kirk finally managed to wound and disable him with a primitive cannon he had built.[2]

History Edit

23rd century Edit

The Gorn were first encountered by the Federation in 2267, when the Gorn attacked the Cestus III colony. The USS Enterprise pursued one of the Gorn's starships to an unexplored region of the galaxy, where both starships were immobilized by the Metrons. Both Captains James T. Kirk and S'slee were transported to the surface of a planet, where they were instructed to settle their conflict in a contest of brute strength. Though S'slee was stronger than Kirk, the latter managed to build a makeshift cannon from materials on the planet to best his foe. Though it was the Metrons' intention for Kirk to kill S'slee as a declaration of his victory over the Gorn, Kirk refused. The Metrons then transported both captains back to their respective vessels.[2]

In the alternate reality caused by Nero, the Federation and the Gorn had made contact by 2259. Leonard McCoy mentioned that he had delivered Gorn octuplets, and that they were quite vicious.[3]

25th century Edit

Following the Klingon-Gorn War (2386-2403), the Gorn were integrated into the Klingon Empire. They were allowed to continue ruling their own space, so long as they remained loyal to the Empire. Most Gorn faithfully continued to serve the Klingons, with many joining the ranks of the Klingon Defense Force.

Mirror universe Edit

In the mirror universe's 22nd century, a Gorn named Slar was a slave master working for the Tholian Assembly. He was put in charge of the workers on the USS Defiant until the crew of the Enterprise took control of it. Slar was very mistrusting of Terrans, and he was later killed by Jonathan Archer.[1]

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