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Hannah Elizabeth Freeman was a Human Starfleet officer who served aboard the USS Leviathan.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Hannah Freeman was born on Earth in 2386.[citation needed]

Starfleet Academy Edit

Her father pushed her to major in science at the Academy, though she preferred the field of engineering.[1]

She was part of the graduating Class of 2408.[2]

Service on the USS Leviathan Edit

She was assigned to the USS Leviathan in 2408 as a junior science officer. After the death of the Leviathan's communications officer, she inherited the position.[2]

She later wished to change her profession from science to engineering, and requested reassignment to the Leviathan's main engineering. Captain Jason Fredricks granted her request, and put her under the supervision of their chief engineer, Jhael Onika.[1]

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

She mentioned her father once, as being the reason for her majoring in science against her will.[1]

While comforting her boyfriend, Ernie Hauser, over the loss of his father, she let slip, "At least you had a father who cared about you! Sometimes I wish my father was dead..." She quickly changed the subject, which Ernie took note of, offering to talk with her about it if she ever wished to.[3]

Romance Edit

Ernie Hauser Edit

Hannah was disappointed upon finding out that Ernie wasn't promoted alongside fellow officers Tala Jones and Dylyp Azeli, stating that he was "as important as anyone [there]." He insisted that he was little more than a "simple pilot," but she would not have it. She told him he "deserve[d] the recognition," even if he didn't think so. He was pleased to know that she cared that much about him.[4]

Appendices Edit

Background and trivia Edit

  • Hannah was created by CaptFredricks in 2012 while writing "Khitomer Crisis". She was originally named Hannah Morrison, but Capt renamed her in the final draft of the chapter.
  • Hannah showed she had some medical knowledge in the original "The Price of Liberty", something she has not shown in any of the other chapters.
  • The reason for Hannah's change to the engineering department is because Capt felt the story had too many science officers and not enough engineers.

Appearances Edit

Notes and references Edit

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