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Volume 1

Title Chapter Stardate Publish Date
"Challenge for Command" (+ "End of Watch", "Red Alert!", "Intruder Alert", "Your New Command") 1x01
"Journey to Qo'noS" (+ "First City", "Duties of Command") 1x02
"The Hunt Is On" (+ "Space Chase") 1x03
"Manhunt" 1x04
"Friend or Foe" 1x05
"Bringing Down the House" 1x06
"The House Always Wins" (+ "Test of Mettle" ???) 1x07
"Second Star to the Right, Straight on 'til Morning" 1x08
"Keep Your Enemies Closer" 1x09
"Blood of the Empire" 1x10
"Destiny" 1x11
"Afterlife" (possibly combine this with "The Gates of Gre'thor") 1x12
"The Gates of Gre'thor" 1x13
"House on Fire" (+ "A House Pursued") 1x14
"Alpha" 1x15
"Spectres" (alternate take on FED: "What Lies Beneath") 1x16
"Blind Men Tell All Tales" 1x17
"The Undying" 1x18

Volume 2


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