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The Hydronians were a reptilian race from the planet Hydra.

History Edit

The Hydronians were a peaceful, exploring race, until the Larviie Wars began. Eight billion Hydronians died during the war. After the end of the Larviie Wars and the extinction of the Larviie, the Hydronians were split into three communities: the Settlers, who remained on their home planet Hydra and the surrounding sector to rebuild their homes; the Colonists, who left their homes in search of a new beginning, encountering the UFP and the Bayonian Empire and built a mighty and helpful inter-species Alliance; and the Outcasts, who became a group of warring vigilantes attacking pirates, slavers and the Dominion Alliance. The Hydronians were skillful engineers, and their prowess saved many lives.

Physiology Edit

The Hydronians were a reptilian race similar to the Gorn, Ferals and Knuckonians.

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