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Jack Sparrow, born Jack Gordon, alias Master Neutrino, was a skilled pilot and captain (later admiral) in Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets. He had a daughter and numerous other family members. He was ½ Xeno, ½ Vulcan. That being said, he was indeed a Techno-Organic and a member of the royal blood that maked up the Masters (Guardians) of the Alliance.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Jack Gordon was born on 30 December 2051 to Darogon and Karen Gordon.

For over 100 years, Jack served in Starfleet and was the closest officer to his father in Starfleet Intelligence and thus he had his Respect he did so many things that would warrant him to be hanged or killed in many other cultures just as his younger sibling Jack is over is over 400 years old currently he found out he had a sister some years after he Left Starfleet.

Starfleet career Edit

Like his sister and many other members of his family his Starfleet Career is heavily Redacted, By Starfleet Intelligence.

Physicality Edit

Abilities Edit

  • Teleportation (taken)
  • Magnetism, Adoptive muscle memory, Danger sensing

Equipment Edit

  • Particle Katana (passed down to Master Proton; later destroyed)
  • Particle Charged Nano-Pulse lirpa/staff (destroyed)
  • Holographic Scythe ( Created by a Wrist band on an Individual's Hand )

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