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William Jefferson Philips was a Human Starfleet cadet who attended Starfleet Academy until stardate 82513.9, when he graduated with the Class of 2408.[1]

Jeff was a former lover of Lenerea Mendel's, which later caused tension in her relationships with Jason Fredricks and Lucas Wells.[2][3]

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Sometime during their tenure at Starfleet Academy, Lenerea Mendel slept with Jeff, even though she was already in a relationship with Jason Fredricks at the time. Lenerea had a bad habit of backing out of relationships once they became serious. She later lied about it to Jason, telling him she had, in fact, not slept with Jeff.[4][5][2]

Jeff graduated with the Class of 2408 and attended the graduation ceremony on stardate 82513.9. Jason scowled at him as he was called to the podium toward the end of the ceremony.[6][a]

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  1. Where Jeff was assigned following graduation has not been specified, but it is possible that he went to the USS Khitomer.

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