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For the Zenith Alliance operative with a similar name, see Kardok.

Kadek was a Klingon officer who served as commanding officer of the IKS Chot in 2409. On stardate 83164.0, the Chot lay in wait for a Federation starship to attack, using the cargo freighter SS Break Even as bait.[a]

The USS Leviathan responded to the Break Even's supposed distress call, and the Chot sprung the trap swiftly and effectively. Several senior officers were killed during the Chot's assault, and Kadek himself captured Masc Taggart, the Leviathan's captain. He threatened to kill Taggart if the Leviathan didn't transmit the Federation's fleet deployments on the Federation-Klingon border, as well as technical data on all of Starfleet's ships. Rather than plead for his life, Taggart told his tactical officer, Jason Fredricks to "[g]et the ship and crew to safety."[1][b]

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  1. Based on Vo'Lok's dialog, it would appear the Break Even was a real cargo freighter. Its fate is unknown, but it was most likely destroyed by the Chot.
  2. It is unknown if Kadek carried through with his threat and actually killed Taggart.

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