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Maria Fredricks (née Wilson) was a Human botanist. She was the wife and mother of Starfleet officers Thomas Fredricks and Jason Fredricks, respectively.

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Maria Wilson was born in a small town in Nevada on Earth on 3 August 2365.[citation needed]

In 2409, she was offered the chance to teach botany at the Las Vegas University.[1]

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While in high school, Jason cheated on a midterm test. He managed to avoid being discovered by his teacher, having a friend cover for him. The only pitfall of his plan, however, was his mother, Maria. He found that he couldn't "look [her] in the eye and tell her [he] passed the test," when he clearly hadn't on his own merit. He then told her what really happened, and received a week's detention for his actions. He did, however, learn "never try to cover up your mistakes."[2]

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