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"Past Imperfect" is the nineteenth chapter of the first volume of Star Trek: Federation Legacy, written between June and November 2017 and published on 19 November 2017 by CaptFredricks.

In a desperate final move, B'vat travels back in time using the Guardian of Forever to wage war with the Federation and change the timeline in favor of the Klingon Empire.

Teaser Edit

Act One: Reacquainted Edit

Act Two: Gateway Edit

Act Three: A Destiny Fulfilled Edit

Characters Edit

  1. Ernie Hauser (Teaser)
  2. Hannah Freeman
  3. Jason Fredricks (Act One)
  4. Jorel Quinn
  5. Lenerea Mendel
  6. Tala Jones
  7. Dylyp Azeli
  8. Lucas Wells
  9. Vance L'eher
  10. Kevin Briggs
  11. Targan
  12. Thelin
  13. Miral Paris
  14. Kardok
  15. S'lade Zdanas (Act Two)
  16. T'mar
  17. Jessik Cameo
  18. M'Rel
  19. Tlaszh
  20. Spock
  21. B'vat (Act Three)

Referenced only Edit

  1. David Hauser (Teaser; not by name)
  2. Hannah's father
  3. Amar Singh (Act One)
  4. Maria Fredricks (not by name)
  5. J'mpok
  6. Kahless the Unforgettable
  7. T'Kuvma
  8. Leviathan crewman
  9. Xolor (Act Two; not by name)
  10. Nyota Uhura
  11. B'Elanna Torres (Act Three; not by name)
  12. Tom Paris (not by name)
  13. D'Ghor (not by name)
  14. Molor
  15. Daniel Harvey (not by name)

Unnamed Edit

Starships Edit

  1. USS Leviathan (Teaser)
  2. IKS Baj (Act One)
  3. USS Kirk
  4. IKS SuvwI'
  5. USS Enterprise (Act Two)
  6. IKS Worvig (Act Three)

Locations Edit

  1. Gateway system (Act Two)
  2. Gateway

Referenced only Edit

  1. Briar Patch (Act One)
  2. Drozana Station
  3. Gre'thor (Act Three)

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