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Personnel Files is a fan fiction side story by CaptFredricks meant to accompany Star Trek: Federation Legacy. The first "file" was published on the wiki on 11 June 2015. Personnel Files is currently ongoing, with two "files" posted to date.

Personnel Files is unique in two ways. First, it is the very first side story created by CaptFredricks; second, it is being published on the wiki via blog posts rather than on FanFiction.


Title Episode Featured Character Publish Date
Personnel Files (No. 1) 1x01 Jason Fredricks 2015-06-11
Personnel Files (No. 2) 1x02 Lucas Wells 2015-09-24
Personnel Files (No. 3) 1x03 Tala Jones 2016-xx-xx
Personnel Files (No. 4) 1x04 Dylyp Azeli 2016-xx-xx
Personnel Files (No. 5) 1x05 Ernie Hauser 2016-xx-xx


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