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This is a fan fiction wiki originally created by CaptFredricks for his story, Star Trek: Federation Legacy. It has since expanded to include various other fan fiction works. Crossover stories are allowed so long as they are partly about Star Trek. Since the wiki is intended to host only fan fiction, anyone looking for canon information should visit Memory Alpha.

Please note that some content on the wiki may be inappropriate for children. If you aren't allowed to read stories rated Fiction T (age 13+) or Fiction M (age 16+), we are not accountable if you get in trouble for doing so. Please view our content ratings page for more information.

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Star Trek: Discovery

The seventh television installment of the Star Trek franchise, Discovery, is scheduled to premiere on 24 September 2017 on CBS. Subsequent episodes will only be available via CBS All Access.

Federation Legacy Wiki in Chinese!

Attention all! We are excited to announce that Federation Legacy Wiki will now have a Chinese translation. The Chinese version is still in the midst of development, so keep an eye out for more updates!

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Jean-Luc Picard was a Human Starfleet officer who commanded the USS Stargazer in the 2350s and the USS Enterprise-E in the 2380s.

Picard first served aboard the Stargazer under Captain Harry, but he was placed in command after an incident with the Klingons in 2354. Twenty-six years later, he commanded the Enterprise-E. The Enterprise was tasked with tracking down a secret society called The X which wanted to destroy the Federation. After the Enterprise had several skirmishes with a Klingon vessel called the IKS Pak'tu – in the end destroying it – the leader of The X was forced to move early in his plan, calling on a Starfleet admiral who served him.

Picard considered many of his staff to be close friends. Shortly after recruiting John Benson to replace his former first officer, William Riker, he began calling Benson "number one," a nickname he had used for Riker. Picard also had a flirtatious relationship with his chief medical officer, Beverly Crusher.

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