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"Stranded in Space" is the third chapter of the first volume of Star Trek: Federation Legacy, written in July 2013 and published on 1 August 2013 by CaptFredricks.

The USS Leviathan comes to the aid of the SS Azura, a Bolian freighter that has fallen under attack by Orion pirates.

Teaser Edit

The USS Leviathan is on its way to Starbase 24 to pick up supplies and a group of duty officers. Charlie Morgan enters the bridge, late for his shift. He informs Jason Fredricks that he didn't sleep well, and Jason replies that he didn't either. Charlie says he hasn't adjusted to the beds on the ship yet, and Lucas Wells agrees that they are "anything but comfortable." Hannah Freeman interrupts them to report a distress call from the SS Azura. Jason then orders Ernie Hauser to set a course to rendezvous with the ship.

Act One: Pirates Edit

The Leviathan drops out of warp in an asteroid field and scans the Azura. She has taken heavy damage due to an attack by Orion pirate ships. Jason orders Tala Jones to ready their weapons. The Leviathan moves in on the Orion ships, and the Orions open fire. They manage to destroy one of the ships, leaving three more. The three ships that were attacking the Azura break off and head for the Leviathan. Fredricks orders Ernie to take the Leviathan into a large nearby asteroid. Lucas warns him that the asteroid's magnetic field will disrupt their shields, but Fredricks has them continue. They fly to the back side of the asteroid, and shut down the ship's engines. The Orions fly past them, unaware of what is about to happen. The Leviathan opens fire, and destroys three of the ships, leaving only two, which flee the system. They return to the Azura's location and Fredricks leads an away team over.

Fredricks and his team are about to transport onto the Azura, when chief engineer Jhael Onika bursts into the transporter room. Fredricks asks why he is coming with them, and Onika tells him that they may need an engineer to repair the damage done to the Azura. Fredricks concurs, and they beam over.

Upon rematerializing on the Azura, a member of the away team informs them that there are several plasma leaks in the corridor ahead of them. They proceed down the corridor, but Fredricks stops suddenly, hearing something. He peeks around a corner to find that Orions have beamed forces of their own onto the Azura. He then begins telling them his plan for dealing with the Orions.

Act Two: Vance's Plan Edit

Back on the Leviathan, the lights have gone out, as main power failed. Tala Jones orders the computer to turn on the emergency lights. She asks Morgan what happened, and he responds that several EPS conduits were ruptured by a power surge on Deck 4. They realize it happened in the transporter room, right after the away team transported. She asks if main power can be restored, to which he responds that only after the conduits are repaired. Jones orders repair teams to fix the damage. She turns to the stand-in tactical officer and asks how badly they have been damaged. He tells her that weapons, shields and long-range sensors are all inoperative. She then asks Hannah Freeman if they are still able to talk to the away team. Freeman tells her she thinks they can, but they will not be able to transport them back to the Leviathan.

Log entries Edit

Memorable quotes Edit

"I guess I just haven't gotten used to the damn beds on this ship yet."
"I know. They're anything but comfortable."
"Uncomfortable to the guy who can sleep anywhere?"
"If you're referring to the time I—"

Charlie Morgan, Lucas Wells, and Jason Fredricks

"Muchas gracias."
"De nada."
"When did this become bloody Spanish class?"
"I was just being polite!"

Lucas Wells, a crewman, and Charlie Morgan

"Lucas, would you care to join me?"
"Oh, so now you want me to come on away missions with you?"
"I don't recall ever saying you couldn't come."
"Well, what about last time? You got to get all chummy with—"
"Last time? I went on one away mission without you, and you're complaining that you never get to go? I even left you in command, you ungrateful little bastard."

Jason Fredricks and Lucas Wells

Background and trivia Edit

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