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"The Mountain Goat and the Ice Demon" is the fourth chapter of the first volume of Star Trek: The Second Little Wolf, written in November 2015 by Gornintheusa. It was proofread by CaptFredricks and published on 30 June 2016.

Amidst assassination attempts by Section 31, Treav learns that he is accused of being the Mountain Goat. Sela fears for her life from several foes, including Sleacherling, Esdeath, and T'Ket.

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Characters Edit

Starships Edit

  1. USS Iroquois (Act Three)

Referenced only Edit

  1. USS Devastator (Teaser)
  2. USS Leviathan (Act Two)

Locations Edit

  1. Drozana Station (Teaser)
  2. Paradise Lost (Nimbus III) (Act One)
  3. Phobos (Act Two)
  4. Terok Nor (Act Four)
  5. Knucker (Spiral Galaxy)

Referenced only Edit

  1. Risa (Act Two)
  2. Defera
  3. Bajor
  4. Naiva
  5. Vekta
  6. Mars
  7. Earth
  8. Earth Colony 187 (Act Three)
  9. Kelvan Prime (Andromeda Galaxy) (Act Four)
  10. Romulus
  11. Emperia
  12. Delta Quadrant

Other references Edit

Memorable quotes Edit

Background and trivia Edit

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