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Thomas "8294" Gordon, Born Thomas Gordon, alias Master Atom, was the direct descendant of Master Celeron, one of the last two survivors of Xenox V. He was a scientist for Section 31, and was the founding Master of the Legacy Masters. It was believed that he was just under the age of 200,000 years old.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Thomas was raised in secret on Vulcan after his father had died shortly before his birth, Thomas went from planet to planet learning their ways eventually going to earth and staying there for most of his life he took over Section 31 and eventually fathered his own son Darogon Gordon whom he taught in the same ways

Career Edit

Section 31 Edit

Thomas served as Chief Scientist for Section 31 in an unofficial capacity, Thomas recreated the Machine that Converts Organic Tissues into Techno-Organic and used his Son Darogon as the test subject, The rest of Thomas's career for Section 31 is REDACTED.

Physicality Edit

Much of Thomas's physical attributes were a mystery.

Abilities Edit

  • Current abilities - age shifting

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