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I've heard a lot about her, sir. A fine ship from what I'm told.
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2408 ("The Price of Liberty")

The USS Leviathan (NCC-93151) was a Federation Miranda-class starship in service to Starfleet. It was launched sometime before 2402, as Captain Masc Taggart had been in command of it since that time. It underwent a refit in 2408, with improvements made to its warp drive, among other things.

History Edit

In 2408, the Leviathan was brought to the shipyards in orbit of Earth for a major refit. One of the improvements was a refit of the warp drive, increasing the maximum warp factor from 5.2 to 7.[1]

Technical data Edit

Armament Edit

The Leviathan had six phaser arrays and two photon torpedo launchers.[citation needed]

Decks Edit

Main article: USS Leviathan (NCC-93151) decks

The ship contained twelve decks, and had a crew complement of at least 400. The bridge and captain's ready room were located on Deck 1, and engineering was on Deck 7.[2]

The lower decks contained mainly storage and environmental systems, with Deck 11 housing several cargo bays, life support systems, and engineering support.[3]

Personnel Edit

Main articles: USS Leviathan (NCC-93151) personnel, Unnamed USS Leviathan (NCC-93151) personnel

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