All undeveloped content from Star Trek: Federation Legacy.

Characters Edit

Thothoow Edit


Thothoow, a Rigelian female

Thothoow was intended to appear in Federation Legacy as a recurring or regular character starting either late in Volume 1 or early in Volume 2. This idea, however, was scrapped by CaptFredricks.

Thothoow was going to replace Julia Cromwell as CMO of the USS Leviathan in 2409 or 2410.

Starships Edit

USS Wraith Edit

In Volume 1 or 2, the crew of the USS Leviathan was to be reassigned to the USS Wraith, a refitted Constitution-class starship. CaptFredricks, having other plans for the story, decided against it.

USS Picard Edit

Much later in Federation Legacy, there was to be another vessel the crew would be assigned to, the USS Picard, a Galaxy-class starship. CaptFredricks felt this would be odd, as starships are normally named after people who have died, and Jean-Luc Picard was still living as of 2409.

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