All undeveloped content from Lego Star Trek.

Chapters Edit

The Final Mission Edit

"The Final Mission" was meant to be the third chapter of the story, but it was never written.

It shares its title with the sixth and final chapter of Lego Star Trek: The Timeline Incident.

Much of CaptFredricks' vision for this chapter was later implemented in the form of "Zenith, Part III", with X being defeated, The X dissolved, and the Federation saved by the crew of the USS Enterprise-E.

The only major difference between the two is Kardok. In this arc, he would have been a loyal follower of X to the very end. In "Zenith, Part III", however, he betrays his master, seeing the error in having joined him in the first place.

Characters Edit

Kyle Edit

For the rebel with the same name, see Kyle (rebel).

Turrell Edit

Weston Edit

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