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Admirals Edit

Admiral Edit

This admiral handed Jason Fredricks his certificate of graduation.[1][a]

Female admiral Edit

This admiral spoke at the Class of 2408 graduation. She introduced Jason Fredricks to the audience as he gave his valedictory. She also read the names of each of the graduates, having them stand at the front of the stage.[2]

Male admiral Edit

This admiral beckoned Fredricks to the podium to deliver his valedictory, telling him he'd "do fine", after Fredricks showed hesitation.[2][b]

Shuttlebay staff Edit

Deck officer Edit

This officer witnessed the brawl between Jason Fredricks and Daniel Harvey, giving Fredricks a disapproving glance when he walked up to him. He read off the list of cadets who were departing for the USS Leviathan.[2]

Shuttlebay officer Edit

This officer broke up a verbal and almost-physical brawl between Jason Fredricks and Daniel Harvey, ordering them to report to their designated shuttles.[2]

Zeus pilot Edit

This pilot carried cadets to the USS Leviathan on the shuttlecraft Zeus. He informed Vance L'eher, who had commented about the Leviathan's small size, that, "She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts."[2]

Notes and references Edit

  1. This admiral does not appear in "The Price of Liberty".
  2. This admiral called Fredricks by his first name, indicating he knew him. It was not Jorel Quinn, as Jason stated that Quinn was unable to attend.