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Wesley Robert Crusher was a Human Starfleet officer active in the 24th century. He was the gifted son of Starfleet officers Jack Crusher and Dr. Beverly Crusher. After several years aboard the USS Enterprise-D and three years at Starfleet Academy, his Starfleet career was cut short when he dropped out of the Academy and continued on to a unique life, accompanying the transdimensional Tau Alphan The Traveler.

Crusher eventually returned to Starfleet and, prior to 2379, he became a full-fledged officer, holding the rank of lieutenant junior grade in 2380.

Biography Edit

After his long journey with The Traveler, Wesley returned to Starfleet early in 2380, receiving a promotion to lieutenant junior grade. He accompanied Captain William T. Riker on the away mission to Zenith Prime to rescue Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Upon seeing him again, Worf congratulated Wesley on his promotion.[1]


Jean-Luc PicardEdit

Wesley's relationship with the Enterprise's commanding officer, Jean-Luc Picard began when he brought his father Jack Crusher's body back to him and his mother Beverly after he was killed on an away mission while serving on the USS Stargazer.[2][3][4][5][6]

Picard and Wesley did not meet again until ten years later, when he and his mother were assigned to the Enterprise. After getting a brief tour of the bridge, Picard threw both Crushers off when Wesley announced a perimeter alert while sitting in his chair[2] but later allowed him back on the bridge and had him control the operations station when he negotiated for a vaccine from Ligon II.[7]

Picard gave Wesley credit for saving the Enterprise from a stellar core fragment by forcing a repulsor beam against the SS Tsiolkovsky[8] and later gave him the rank of acting ensign when he assisted The Traveler in returning the Enterprise back to the Milky Way Galaxy from the end of the universe.[9]

Later in 2364, Wesley repeatedly tried to tell Picard his misgivings about Data (which was actually Lore impersonating him). Picard then uttered "Shut up, Wesley." Wesley's mother, although dismayed by Picard's choice of words, repeated his phrase to her son moments later when he would not be silent.[10]

Picard and Wesley took the shuttlecraft Einstein to Starbase 515 together where on the way they learned many things about each other. Picard offered him some words of advice, saying that he should read literature, philosophy and history as well as subjects not required reading, so one day everything in the universe might mean something to him.[11]

Picard and Wesley were stranded when Dirgo's shuttle, the Nenebek crashed on Lambda Paz in 2367. With no food, water or shelter, Picard, Wesley and Dirgo found refuge in a cave. Picard was later seriously injured after he pushed Wesley out of the way of large falling rocks, which fell on top of Picard, seriously injuring him. Wesley kept Picard alive long enough for help to arrive after deactivating a force field surrounding water they had detected inside the cave with their tricorders. Wesley and Picard had a heartfelt goodbye during which Picard told him "Wesley... you will be missed."[12]

Picard had a heated discussion with Wesley after he lied about his team, the Nova Squadron performing a dangerous and illegal maneuver called the Kolvoord Starburst which killed a fellow cadet. Picard told him "the first duty of any Starfleet officer is to the truth; whether it is historical truth or scientific truth or personal truth! It is the guiding principle on which Starfleet is based!" After admitting to Admiral Brand his and the team's deceit, Picard commended him for telling the truth and doing the right thing.[13]

In 2370, fed up with Starfleet, Wesley joined forces with the colonists of Dorvan V to protest their removal by the Cardassians. Picard called his actions "inexcusable" and not those of a Starfleet officer. Wesley then personally gave Picard his resignation from Starfleet and ultimately decided to join with The Traveler to explore new planes of existence. Picard said his farewell to Wesley in the Enterprise's transporter room.[14]

William T. RikerEdit

Wesley had great respect for the Enterprise's first officer, William T. Riker even during their first meeting in the mall at Farpoint Station. Riker looked forward to getting to know Wesley, telling him "Wes...see you on board."[2] Shortly after the Farpoint Mission while the Enterprise was en route to Quadra Sigma III, Riker was temporarily granted the powers of the Q. After saving Wesley's life with his newfound powers, Riker, sensing Wesley's greatest desire, transformed him into a 25 year-old man. Wesley declined Riker's "gift" and told the commander he'd rather get to that age himself.[15]

Riker enjoyed assigning Wesley duties on the bridge of the Enterprise several times and on Picard's orders, assigned him the duties on acting ensign with heavy study on the ship's specifications.[7][9] Despite his general liking of Wesley, Riker was still stern to him on a number of occasions.[8][7][9][16][10]

Riker displayed great trust in Wesley, such as assigning him the responsibility of overlooking the Bynars work on upgrading the Enterprise's computers on the bridge[17] repairing a serious holodeck malfunction that could have killed four Enterprise crewmembers[18] as well as discreetly looking over Lore's actions.[10]

A year later, Riker expressed concern on who would tuck Wesley in at night after his mother had departed the Enterprise for Starfleet Medical.[19] Later in the year, Riker (with a little help from Guinan) assisted Wesley on how to properly speak to a woman.[20] As well, Riker provided some command advice to Wesley when he was put in charge of the geology team studying Drema IV.[21]

After hearing Jeremy Aster's mother Marla had died, Wesley became upset for Jeremy, as his father had also been killed on an away mission. Riker attempted to console him and Wesley asked him how he got used to telling family members that a relative had been killed. Riker replied "You hope you never do."[4] After Wesley departed the Enterprise for Starfleet Academy in 2367 and returned the following year, Riker put Wesley back to work in helping the crew analyze the Phoenix Cluster.[12][22]

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